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FULL Corporate Menu

For office deliveries Monday- Friday 7:00-2:00 pm 

Business Presentation

Fall & Winter Weather is here! 


  • Fire Roasted Broccoli!


  • Our AMAZING two-tray Tuscan Charcuterie with roasted vegetables, olives, mushrooms, tortellini, cheeses, meats and MORE!


  • Caramelized Winter Roasted Vegetables

  • Fall Harvest Salad with baby greens, roasted nuts, dried cranberries, apples and feta cheese  

  • WINTER Stuffed Beef with rich gravy - awesome with our parmesan crusted potatoes

  • Chicken Marsala, Pork & Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, Asiago Chicken



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Salmon Baked.jpg
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